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t h e   f a r m

The farm is rich in family traditions and history. The land itself has been passed down for many generations. Nubbintown Farms is unique in its claim in Southwest Georgia. The property boasts 1200 acres of row crop, cattle, and newly added blueberry farmland. Throughout the year you will see the farmers tending to the fields and as they prepare for harvest. Harvest season is particularly special to witness. The farmers harvest vast acres with little to no waste. Life on our working farm is spectacularly beautiful year round. Depending on the year and season the ever changing fields makes our farm a sight to behold. 

t h e   d a i r y

Our historic Lowe Road Dairy is unique in history. The current owners, Anna and Tyler, bought and manage the venue as we know it today. The diary was built in 1947 by Claude Lowe, Anna's great-grandfather. The dairy provided milk to our local area for many years. When it was no longer a working dairy it was used as a pig parlor, an airplane hanger for crop dusters, and a farm shop. When Anna and Tyler were planning their own wedding in 2017 Anna's parents, Rob and Carla, put precious time and effort into restoring the dairy to its historical beauty. In September 2017 Anna and Tyler were the first couple to host a wedding at the historic dairy. Today our couples enjoy the history and character of our dairy on their wedding days. 

t h e   n a m e

"Nubbintown" was one of the very first names that our little town of Edison was given. People referred to the area as "Nubbintown" when it was only a postal stop. A nubbin is something very small for its kind. We named our farm Nubbintown Farms as a love note to our little town. Edison is our nubbin town we are proud to call home. 

t h e   o w n e r s

Nubbintown Farms and the surrounding farm land are owned by three generations of family. The Lowe Road Dairy wedding venue is owned by Anna and Tyler. The lodging and farmland is owned by Carla and Rob, Anna's parents. Much of the surrounding farmland is owned by Charlotte and Conner, Carla's parents. The farm is rich in generational history.

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